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Our warranty service is simply the best (not prorated!), which means we don’t charge our customers for repairs or ask them to send in pictures measuring the amount of the sag or dip like some large department stores / large retailer chains require. If something is wrong with the construction or if during the span of the warranty something breaks, we fix it at no Cost. We like to keep it simple, standing behind our products to ensure our customers are satisfied. Our mattresses are built with the best materials, designed and guaranteed not sag or wear out. Our mattresses are manufactured in the GTA. So, in the rare event of customer dissatisfaction it is practical and easy for us to send a warranty claim in for repair and have it back quickly in good order.

In addition, please be aware that most of the big name store and the “best” brand name mattress warranties are prorated, which means that as your mattress ages, you receive proportionately less credit towards a new mattress. Our non-prorated warranty, on the other hand, will cover 100% of the labor and material cost to repair or replace a defective mattress or box spring. Structural damage such as loose, broken or protruding coils and wire are rare under normal usage. Over time, even the most expensive mattresses can wear out or in some cases comfort preference may change; these are not warranty defects under the most well known retailer and brand name manufacturer policies. So, when shopping for a mattress, you should focus on finding one with the best support and most comfortable padding at a price that you can afford, while being aware of the details of the warranty service.